My first Raspberry Pi arrived the other day and I have been so excited to check it out. I promised my daughter I would wait until the weekend so we could open the package together. In the spirit of pop culture, we filmed ourselves opening the package and all its contents. Check out the video below. I liked the clear case I found at Vilros, so I bought everything from them. The Raspberry Pi Foundation website provides a variety of vendors too.

Our first project will be creating a wifi router to use with our home’s smart devices. I have wanted a dedicated router for the devices for over a year, but kept balking at the cost of a new one. When I was introduced to the Raspberry Pi, I realized I could just make a router. The Raspberry Pi is cheap and works with open source software (free). Creating the router appears easy based on Instructable’s article Use Raspberry Pi 3 As Router, which looks like it will work for the Pi 4 as well. I’ll tell you next time if it works.